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15 August Aries Daily Horoscope
The saying about missing something only when it's gone has negative connotations. But there's something positive about identifying what deserves to be acknowledged or appreciated. Similarly, we don't appreciate talents we possess until we must draw upon courage to expose them. Recently, you've had your attention drawn to something you're capable of. The universe isn't finished yet!
The Moon's return to Aries each month is always a valuable chance to check in, both with your own inner voice and the ever changing cosmic conditions. There has been a lot of the latter since the Moon was last here and with even more to come, the next few days will help put things into perspective. However, this is also the Moon's first visit since all three planets in Aries turned retrograde including Jupiter, with the planet of luck and expansion now holding the doors open to the past, second chances and untapped potential.
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