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22 March Aquarius Daily Horoscope
Are you up for the challenge of taking the lead with something? Like-minded people can benefit from your input, and you can gain much by interacting with them, too. So, trust the experience-based wisdom you bring to any gathering or collaborative effort. This is another one of those times when you might underestimate the helpfulness of what you can share and offer.
To not only have a New Moon during the Sun's first full day in your communication sector but just days after Mercury, the planet of communication returned over the weekend, is making this a good day for talks and all aspects of communication. This is a smart and intellectually savvy part of your chart, but the Moon speaks to your subconscious, together enhancing your intuition and logic, imagination and intelligence. In a week where there is major change, including Pluto's return to Aquarius in two days for the first time in our lifetime, this is making it easier to keep your head in the game while trusting your gut.

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