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27 May Aquarius Daily Horoscope
Sometimes, we resent being told that what we look for is in front of our face or nose. The fact that we don't see it can actually be due to our attention diverted necessarily elsewhere. Although someone may be astonished by your apparent failure to see what they see in something, you probably, in true Aquarian style, have your eye on a bigger picture. That's a wise decision on your part.
Having had the Moon and Mars return to your communication sector within hours of each other two days ago will continue to be an advantage long after it leaves. This was a chance to go into Mars' six week war on communication barriers emotionally engaged from the start, but it is an alignment with Venus just before leaving that makes this personal. The Moon is working to make the most of the final hours of the chance it brings each month to give your emotional responses a voice just as Venus is in the final two days of her mission to give your heart and your relationships a voice.
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