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23 May Aquarius Daily Horoscope
Even if you respect others' opinions about a personal matter or pursuit, you will most likely forge your own path or do something your way. You know passive/aggressive or thinly-veiled criticisms when you hear them! Let others know you understand their points and appreciate their input. However, the freedom to choose your way forward is entirely yours, whether they like it or not.
At the same time that the Sun wraps up its monthly visit to Aquarius, Saturn has moved into his final two weeks in direct motion here. Already the brakes have come on, with the Moon not only leaving you emotionally and intuitively engaged and with a download of information to process but with a better sense of how to pace yourself. In the meantime, the Moon not only returns to begin a two day visit to your income sector but just as Mars moves into his final two days here. The Moon can sharpen your nose for money and act as a trigger, but it comes in time to give you a better sense of where to channel Mars' drive to fight for what you deserve.
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