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03 October Aquarius Daily Horoscope
As someone who belongs to the most forward-thinking, innovative Zodiac sign, there may be times when you feel this is a blessing and a curse. Chances are, you're light years ahead of others with your thoughts and visions. But it can take others frustratingly longer to get to grips with these, which means you must sometimes pursue what inspires you solo. Right now, that really is your best option.
While Mercury only retrograded back into your financial sector for a short time, as he spends his first full day back in direct motion, he is ready to cross the same ground again for the third time. Still at a standstill but looking to the future armed with a smart head for money and 20/20 hindsight, this is a chance to move forward with confidence knowing that you have eight days to get your head around money matters and where to from here. Across the board, this is a day for staying in the moment.
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