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06 December Taurus Daily Horoscope
You have unusual and unconventional Uranus in your sign. It's going to be there for some time to come, too. But its influence could be handy now as you 'think outside the proverbial box' or dare to do something differently. If others want to be sheep-like and follow the crowd, then that's up to them. But you could experience something pleasing by going against a particular norm now. If it feels right, then do it confidently.
That Jupiter should move into his final two weeks in your sector of adventure, travel, learning and discovery over the weekend is more than a reminder to embrace the weekend spirit. With Jupiter and Saturn both returning to your career sector over the next two weeks and with life taking a much more professionally focused course in the final weeks of this year and throughout 2021, there is a chance to first put some guardrails in place. This is not just about embracing the weekend spirit now but setting expectations for your life moving forward.
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