Taurus Daily Horoscope

Relationships may be somewhat stressful right now, likely because you are not eager to discuss your finances. Did you know some people find it easier to talk about their sex lives than their financial situation? You are not alone in your discomfort, but it is at the root of a misunderstanding that is easy to address.

Extended Taurus horoscope for today

Mercury's retrograde turn today kicks off the final Mercury retrograde phase of 2018, something that happens three to four times every year. This is a typically a time when mixed messages, misunderstandings and mistakes can happen and turning retrograde in your financial sector, this will and does bring a call for caution with all financial dealings. Yet with lucky Jupiter on board, you have luck on your side, which means even Mercury's retrograde phase will have positive implications. A smart head for money will now develop 20/20 hindsight, along with access to the past, second chances and untapped financial potential.

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