Your Astro Digest for September

See all the horoscopes you've missed in August and get your early access to those we'll send in September!

Published: Sep 19, 2022

Hello there!

It's September now, so the time has come to enjoy your special monthly readings. I'm Alice Anderson, the editor-in-chief of Everyday Horoscopes, and I aim to ensure you receive the predictions that make your everyday life less challenging and more pleasant. In this digest, we'll tell you about the horoscopes you may have missed in August (but which are still trending) and about those still coming in September. 

August comes first. Which readings did we send you during the month?

  • Each month, we send our readers their monthly horoscope. August was no exception. In September, you must have already received your monthly prediction, too. If you haven't received it yet or have any questions left, contact our Customer Care specialist here.
  • Fall is coming! Days are shorter, and we need more love and warmth in our lives. Consult your romantic horoscope here to find out what's going to happen in your love life soon. Will you meet a special person? Will your significant other leave or betray you? If you have anything to share about your love life, please do it on our Facebook page!

  • Why are you attached to your significant other? Is it pure love, a simple infatuation, or are you two bound together by a painful karmic contract? How can you break it (if you need to)? Check here to explore the power of karmic contracts and learn how to deal with them!
  • Chinese Wiseman knew a lot about special ways of attracting love, health, or money to their houses. Fortunately, this knowledge has been saved up to the present day and is now called Feng Shui. This time, we're going to talk about improving your financial situation. How to arrange things in your house to attract money? What should you do and what should never be done if you want to make sure your money flow is strong and stable? See all the tips here!
  • Each zodiac sign has its own karmic lesson that guides us and tells us what we should or shouldn't do. Some of us need to focus on our family, while others need to learn to accept things. What should YOU do, according to your sign? Check here!
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That's all for August, and let's pass to September now. Which horoscopes have you got your early access to?

  • Your September horoscope is right in your inbox already – go and check it now to see what's coming during the rest of the month! Is your zodiac sign going to be the luckiest one this time?
  • On September 9, Mercury starts retrograde and will remain in this position until the first day of October. So, the month is going to be pretty tough. Is there a way out? How will it affect your sign, and will you be able to avoid the hardships and challenges Mercury Retrograde usually brings? See all the tips here!

  • What if your zodiac sign were a powerful medium? What if you could heal people or help them find their true way in life? Have you noticed that your intuition always gives you good advice? Explore if your zodiac sign is a genuine medium and what it means to you and your close ones here!
  • What can Karma teach you about love? What can it open your eyes to? What can it tell you about your loved person? What if there's something you still don't know? The answers are inside – go and check them now!

Attention: your daily, weekly, monthly, love, and Runic horoscopes are always here – come to check them anytime! Everyday Horoscopes is here to make your life happier and much more predictable!

Always yours,

Alice Anderson

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