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20 April Aries Daily Horoscope
Somebody needs to know that you 'mean business.' But your idea of making clear why something is important to you or why their cooperation would be gratefully received could be what's causing a delay or hampering your progress. You're right to clarify your keenness. But try not to appear too keen - and that means being even a tiny bit aggressive.
While the Sun's departure from Aries today will bring your birthday month to a close, as is always the case, this is when the real journey towards embracing this new solar year begins. However, at the same time that Venus' departure last week and Mercury's yesterday has left you with heart and mind on the same page, a clearer sense of the path forward is still evolving. The Sun not only leaves behind the dwarf planets Eris and Ceres but as they draw towards an alignment later in the week a clearer sense of your convictions and sense of purpose are emerging.
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