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28 October Aries Daily Horoscope
When we're aware of someone being unusually persuasive, it's often because they have a plan that involves us agreeing to what suits them. We don't need to be qualified psychologists to spot this, either. Someone might be particularly keen for you to accept their point of view. But if you sense any urgency or pressure with this, there's your first clue that their plan is more about them than you.
In the lead up to some exciting new developments on the professional front next week, the Moon returns to a playful part of your chart just as planets on the adventurous front are starting to make a stand. This is something that will intensify leading into the weekend and as if knowing about a shift in focus next week are doing all they can now to ensure life doesn't become all work and no play. At the front of this push are the same players that will soon be leading a much busier charge.
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