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28 July Aquarius Daily Horoscope
Distractions could be a pain and possibly powerful enough to demand attention. But if any cause you to take your eye off something you know needs and deserves your full focus, then treat any distractions like a mosquito in a tent. They're annoying, but their influence will be brief. So, don't allow them to slow a process that needs you to keep momentum moving.
The Moon and Mercury start and end the day on the same page but on a different page from where they start. The day begins with the Moon in your income sector, ensuring your nose for money is sharp during Jupiter's last full day here but also during Mercury's final hours in your work sector. This will leave you with an intuitive and intellectually savvy read on income and job matters. Meanwhile, the Moon will end the day in your communication sector and Mercury in your relationship sector, getting his mission to get the communication lines open off to a good start.
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