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07 May Aquarius Daily Horoscope
It's not what you say at this time; it's how you say it that matters. Yes, there has to be a point to whatever you express or convey. You appear to have a very receptive audience. But whatever it is you have to say aids and deserves to be heard. With the right levels of belief and sensitivity, he'll be heard and understood.
Less than five months after returning for what is normally a 12 month visit to Aquarius, Jupiter moves into his final seven days here. The planet of luck and expansion hasn't finished laying down the foundations of this new 12 year Jupiter cycle of expansion but he is getting ready to stand back and let thing settle and play out. In the meantime, a week before Jupiter's return to your income sector the Moon is just wrapping up its monthly visit, leaving you with a sharp nose for money and a sense of anticipation.
What will happen to you during the next 12 months?
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