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16 July Virgo Daily Horoscope
Even though we're taught as children to ask numerous questions, we can, throughout our lives, do so lazily. Rather than make an effort to find an answer ourselves, it can make sense to simply ask somebody nearby if they can help us out. But you might sense somebody gravitates a bit too often toward you for answers when they should apply their own 'grey matter.' It's in both your best interests for you to encourage them gently to do so.
The Moon not only returns for its fourth visit to your career sector since Venus' return and the last before she leaves but for the first visit since the Sun left. The Moon was here when the Sun left last month, with your professional instincts and imagination fuelled as the solar spotlight shifted off your career and professional situation, matters and options. The Moon comes full circle today, giving you access to all the information and insight downloaded during its last visit.
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