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01 October Virgo Daily Horoscope
Even if you believe umpteen bases need to be covered and you have a plethora of possibilities to ponder, it could be time to take a step in a potentially thrilling direction. You could come up with a dozen reasons not to make your move. But if one reason resonates within your heart to take a (potentially overdue) risk, then allow that to spur you on. Push aside preconceived ideas and remember that 'who dares, wins.'
Be prepared that things might become a bit intense on the financial and income fronts over the coming days but also aware that what feels like financial tension could be the push that both sides need. The Moon returns to your financial sector to find that Mars is not only fuelling your financial passions and fighting spirit but is becoming frustrated and a clash with the Sun in your income sector can satisfy his lust for battle. It is 32 years since you last had Mars in your financial sector during a Full Moon here and this can be the inspiration to take your financial power back.
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