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23 April Virgo Daily Horoscope
You might believe you gently coax information from a particular person; they might think you're crossing a line by doing so. You're right to ask particular questions to receive specific answers. But do so and then try to step back. Asking questions and then hanging around or pushing for an immediate response is not the way to do it. Trust that your queries are received, and answers are forthcoming!
There are some big changes happening, both now and over the coming weeks, which the Moon's return to Virgo today will give you a better read on. This is always a valuable chance to check in, get a better read on your inner voice and will always sharpen your sixth sense. This will ensure you are on your toes during Mars' final hours in your career sector, with an intuitive read on what to try to push through today and what will become part of your long game. A friendly aspect to planets aligned in an adventurous part of your chart will encourage a sense of spontaneity.
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