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28 July Virgo Daily Horoscope
Even if you wonder why you don't yet see results for your efforts, you know doing nothing isn't an option. So, it makes sense to keep applying effort in a particular area to see if something shifts. But 'if' can be replaced with 'when.' Just like Klondike gold diggers in the 1800s had no idea how close they were to striking gold at times, you mustn't dial back your efforts now!
Just a day before Jupiter is due to retrograde back out of your relationship sector, the Moon's monthly visit is wrapping up. This has been a chance to ensure you are emotionally engaged during the planet of luck and expansion's final days here and to get a read on the sense of what's possible that he is selling. This comes just as Mercury, the planet of communication was already making this an important day for friendship and relationship building.
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