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01 December Virgo Daily Horoscope
If you feel stuck in a rut, you're helped to view it realistically. Perhaps, you can't see why it exists or what caused it until you assess it objectively. But a new fitness routine, food regimen or different way of working could be sensible steps the universe encourages you to take. You and the cosmos are about to agree that doing something the same way and expecting a different result has to change!
Sometimes a challenge can be an opportunity and that is definitely the case today. Mars, in retrograde motion in your career sector, is under pressure from planets that want to put the focus on home and family, creating the potential for some professional pressure or work/life balance tension in the heart of the working week. Yet Mars' friendly aspect to Saturn in your work sector is not only keeping your confidence high but his stoic work ethic is showing you how to work smarter. It doesn't have to be either/or with enough time in 24 to keep your work hat on and to take it off.
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