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21 March Virgo Daily Horoscope
Keeping desires to yourself? Not on the New Moon's watch, Virgo! This annual lunar event targets seduction, deep sharing and intimate bonding. How does that sound for a new beginning or fresh start? A desire to get close to someone physically could intensify. But it's also possible that a new chapter commences with what you own, owe or share. Don't let joint finances become an obsession.
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In a week that is set to witness a massive number of planetary shifts, the Sun's departure from your relationship sector and return to your financial sector today is the most familiar, as it happens at this time each year. This will take the solar spotlight off your relationships while leaving the Moon behind to ensure you are emotionally engaged as you transition onto Saturn and Neptune's more long term focus and on the journey ahead. At the same time, this will turn the solar spotlight onto money matters as Mercury is already giving you the smart head for money needed to prepare for tomorrow's New Moon and the momentum this can create.

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