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15 August Virgo Daily Horoscope
Virgo is the sign of selfless service. I can certainly think of a few Virgos who I'd have no hesitation recommending to do something service-based. But your innate ability to focus on and tend to others' needs can result in you overlooking some of your own at times. So, there's no harm in reducing the focus and attention you give elsewhere to turn some of that inward now.
Mercury's early return to Virgo is having both short and long term implications. In the short term, having returned three weeks before your birthday month and new solar year is due to begin this is a chance to get your head in the game and around your options ahead of time, with a chance to get curious without having to nail things down. Long term, Mercury has returned so far ahead of the Sun that a retrograde turn next month will bring him back for a double dip visit, taking away any pressure to make choices, decisions and plans now.
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