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22 September Virgo Daily Horoscope
A particular person could be a surprising source of inspiration. If you've been distanced from or lost contact with them, there could be something shocking about how they've changed. But you'll be in no doubt about how happier they are, too. You have a like mind that you can make the most of. A strategy they adopted to put a smile on their face and spring in their step could work for you, too.
With Venus, Mercury and Mars having already been and gone, the Sun's last full day in Virgo and of your birthday month is more a formality. There will be no more planetary activity in Virgo once the Sun leaves tomorrow and with this new solar year now well and truly launched, today is more about simply observing. It will be another 11 months before the Sun is back in Virgo again and while the Moon will return every four weeks, this is a day for embracing your personal truth.
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