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Online Fortune Telling with Dice

Divination with dice, also known as “astragalomancy,” uses dice marked with numbers or letters to receive a psychic message. Originally, dice were made from the bones of common domesticated animals. Eventually, dice began being used for games and gambling, which is how they have that association today.

How to Use Dice for Divination

Using dice for divination is simple once you get the hang of it.

You can take one, two, or three divination dice for this practice, but using three is the most common. The first thing you’ll want to do is create a circle to throw your dice within. You can make a circle out of crystals, string, or even draw it in the dirt if you’re outside. Before you begin, decide how you’ll interpret any dice falling out of the circle. Some dice divination techniques say to start the reading over if this happens. Others say those dice hold special meaning. And some ignore those dice altogether. You can decide which method works best for you.

When you’re just starting out divination using dice, you’ll want to ease into it with yes—no questions. These are the easiest for you to read. First, sit in meditation and find yourself in a place of calm energy. Next, think about your question while you hold the dice, visualizing the situation and imagining you’re connecting with your higher self. Once you feel ready, throw the dice into the circle, and interpret your answer.

Dice Fortune Telling Tips

Use either physical or virtual dice to receive an accurate reading!

Some say it’s best to use a dice set made from wood or metal because it’s easier to connect to higher energies with materials derived from the earth. However, whatever you have on hand is acceptable. Additionally, if you want to form a deeper connection with the dice, consider studying numerology and Tarot, as many of the numerical meanings from these tools overlap.

If you don’t have dice but want to use this form of divination, you can still try it with a free online tool! Using online dice works in much the same way as it would if you were holding the dice yourself. You can still meditate, think about your question, and ask it out loud. However, instead of throwing the dice yourself, you’ll allow your spirit guides to work through technology to give you your answer. This is an easy and accessible way to utilize dice magic without buying anything. Working in this way doesn’t make the answers you receive any less accurate as energy can speak to us through all forms and isn’t limited by the tool we use.

Another essential thing to think about when using dice for divination is to remember to avoid throwing on for the same question if you don’t get the answer you like. Not hearing a desirable outcome is bound to happen. But the more you try to get a favorable response, the less accurate this and future readings will be because you’re not trusting messages from your higher self. Instead, take note of the answers you receive and try to work on yourself to shift your energy in a way that will help you manifest what you desire.

Dice Divination Meanings

Dice can give you both simple and in-depth answers to your questions

The most basic interpretation of the dice is that an odd number means the answer is “no,” while an even number implies the answer is “yes.” Practice with easy questions as you get used to using the dice. Once you’re comfortable interpreting the information, you can move on to attempting different reading styles. 

A more in-depth way of dice reading divination is by adding up all the numbers from a throw until you get a number less than 9. For example, if you roll a 16, you’ll add 1 + 6 to get 7. Based on the number you roll, you’ll determine your current energy. You can use as many dice as you would like for this. The numbers and their meanings are:

1 – New Beginnings

2 – Partnerships/relationships

3 – Creativity

4 – Harmony and structure

5 – Instability and change

6 – Cooperation with others

7 – Rest and reflection

8 – Action and accomplishment

9 – Attainment of goals and desires

As you practice rolling dice, remember that you control your reality. All divination tools are simply guiding you toward your higher purpose. Used alongside other healing practices and self-care, dice can be a fun and easy way to help you along your path.

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