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15 August Scorpio Daily Horoscope
It is believed that before we arrive on Earth, we and a team of ethereal advisers mapped out our lives. When we're born, our parents and people we meet during our lifetime are predetermined. But what about problems, challenges and turmoil we experience? Were these included in our story? You might wonder if your life's path is the right one. But questioning this will lead to reassuring confirmation.
The stars align on several fronts today, with two of them overlapping and a third sitting in a category all of its own. The latter has the stars aligned on the income and job fronts in a way that allows the Moon to build a bridge between Venus and Jupiter, the planets of money and luck. The other is an overlapping of a friendly aspect between forces on the communication and relationship fronts and those on the relationship and friendship fronts, creating positive conditions for personal and professional networking, friendship and relationship building.
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