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22 March Libra Daily Horoscope
You could create a rigid schedule or plan and be equally rigid about ensuring it's stuck to. However, you can reduce stress levels by being more flexible and accommodating. You may also deal with circumstances that won't be steered. The tighter you grasp proverbial reins, the more frustrated you could become. So, go with the flow - and smile. That's not lazy or irresponsible; it's helpful.
Just as Saturn and Neptune are spending their first full day on their own in your work sector after the Sun left yesterday, the Moon wraps up its monthly visit. This wraps up a visit while the Sun was here and the focus was on the short term but then pivoted on to the planets that are here and will remain working as a team for the next three years. This leaves you with an intuitive read on both the next steps to take and the journey that you have now embarked on. Meanwhile, the Moon joins the Sun in his first full day in your relationship sector as a New Moon, making this a day for new beginnings.

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