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01 December Libra Daily Horoscope
You receive a reminder that creativity relies just as much on discipline as it does on imagination. As the Moon and Saturn unite, you can assess a talent or skill you possess and apply it in more rewarding ways. Something you see as merely a hobby could become a more integral part of your life and help enhance your bank balance, too!
It is less that the stars are sending mixed messages today and more that life really is as varied as today's signals suggest. At the same time that the Moon is making its first visit to your work sector since Jupiter's direct turn last week and the last before he leaves, a friendly aspect between Mars on the playful and Saturn on the adventurous front peaks. If there is any tension or pressure today it is because life is no longer running on the one track and there will be times when you have to prioritise. The only real challenge is likely to be time management.
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