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31 May Libra Daily Horoscope
With the Moon wandering through your sign, you may become conscious of where you compromised a bit too much – and yourself. But give anyone who has gained from your generosity the benefit of the doubt as the Moon dukes it out with your ruling planet, Venus. Since you offered support, you can't blame anyone for accepting it. But maybe, it's time to ask for assistance in return. Fair's fair, Libra.
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While the Moon's monthly visits are always a valuable chance to check in, the difference this time is that it comes at a point in the year when there is a huge amount of change. This makes this more than just a chance to check in and more a chance to recalibrate your internal compass, while at the same time making it more important than ever to trust your gut without overthinking things. As this is likely to be sending information from many different aspects of your life your subconscious will be downloading information faster than you can process it at the time.

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