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27 May Libra Daily Horoscope
I'm willing to bet that you're aware of how easy it can be at times to direct your reserves of self-care and self-love toward others. That probably explains why it can be difficult to find the energy you need by the time you get around to taking care of yourself. But the universe seems eager to help you replenish those essential resources now. So, take as much time as you need and fill your boots!
Before leaving your relationship sector today the Moon will align with Venus, just two days before the planet of love is herself due to leave. Having returned with Mars two days ago, this has been a chance to become more emotionally engaged as the stars began to align on the relationship front, but today's alignment with Venus is more a chance to listen to your heart. Meanwhile, the Moon will end the day in your financial sector, fuelling your financial instincts and imagination just days after Mercury's retrograde turn here and ahead of Venus' return over the weekend.
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