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01 December Leo Daily Horoscope
The Moon and strict Saturn unite, bringing a vibe of realism to your relationships, or maybe one in particular. But when you get the Moon and Saturn doing this celestial tug of war, you have sensitivity and caring on one side battling with coldness, responsibility and discipline. But these are qualities you might need to balance with one-to-one connections. Do you veer too far on one side of 'the rope'?
As a friendly aspect between Mars and Saturn peaks, this is creating a lot of support for friendship and relationship building, though there might be either time pressures or just the pressure of having to be in too many places at the same time or. The only one that can spread yourself too thin is you, with having clear priorities important, making it easier to decide what and who to make a priority and when. If too many demands on your time have you under pressure, call for time out.
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