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27 May Leo Daily Horoscope
We usually don't need to be told to try again if we don't succeed the first time. Yes, this is helpful advice if our spirit has flown with something we shouldn't give up on. But even if you believe more effort in a certain area will be in vain, do what you can to keep going. Remind yourself of what originally sparked your interest. Success isn't as far away on the distant horizon as you think.
Two days after the Moon and Mars returned to an adventurous part of your chart, one is leaving today while the other is staying on. It is the Moon who will leave today but before these adventurous lunar vibes run their course and alignment with Venus, just two days before she is due to leave can inspire your imagination while adding fuel to a growing desire for adventure. It is Mars who is staying on and while he will spend the next six weeks fuelling a passion for adventure, moving into an alignment with Jupiter over the coming days is getting this off to a good start.
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