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31 May Leo Daily Horoscope
Follow your intuition's pace and try not to give in to pressure to hurry something or someone along. You could be inclined to ignore crucial details and might discover that 'the little things' aren't little! So, keep a close eye on tasks and information that require a second or third lookover, and ensure you not only deal strictly with facts but anything you pass on to anyone else is 100% verified.
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With no planetary activity in your communication sector but Pluto just days away from leaving your relationship sector next week, the Moon's monthly visit is key to getting the communication lines open ahead of time. However, as well as making it easier to give your emotional responses and relationships a voice, this last visit before the dwarf planet Ceres returns to your communication sector in three weeks brings the promise of more communication support on the way. However, Pluto will be gone by then and the time to have the communication lines open is now.

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