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06 June Leo Daily Horoscope
If you can spot a way to enhance security in your world, maybe relating to work or what you do daily, you're right to believe it would be silly not to explore it. You appear to have the benefit of someone's experience-based wisdom with something you're considering, too. So, reduce risk to you by gaining insights into what they experienced - or one or two lessons they learned the hard way.
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When Venus returns to Leo each year it is to give your heart a voice and to update your personal, romantic and relationship desires and expectations for the coming year. Normally returning during, just before or after your birthday month Venus' return today six weeks before the Sun's return is earlier than usual and that will have exciting implications. Forced to wait for the Sun's return, this will keep Venus in Leo until October, with her longest visit to your sign in 210 years giving the planet that can turn desires into reality plenty of time to work her magic.

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