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23 May Leo Daily Horoscope
'Taking the rough with the smooth refers to balancing positive and negative aspects of a situation. However, as any carpenter will confirm, something rough is often needed to make something smooth! Where you may have felt unseen forces held you back or hampered progress, you could see how what you disliked or saw as unpleasant has transformed into something holding greater potential.
Two days after the Sun left your career sector and six days before Venus is due to return in order to exploit the options this has exposed, Mercury retrogrades back in for a double dip visit. Over three weeks after leaving, Mercury returns with a chance to return to the drawing board and review everything until now before the next phase begins. In the meantime, as Mercury retrogrades out of your friendship sector he leaves behind the Sun who will continue to keep the solar spotlight on your social life, friendships, teamwork and networking.
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