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07 June Gemini Daily Horoscope
Many people who possess “the gift of the gab” are probably Geminis like your good self. But everybody knows what it feels like to deal with a salesperson who talks constantly and doesn't give us – the buyer - a chance to get a word in! As the Moon and Venus clash, you're reminded that talk is cheap - or you'll get a better result if you don't cause any conversation to be imbalanced.
Thanks to the over two weeks that Mars has already been in your communication sector before Venus returned yesterday, from the start her mission to give your heart and your relationships a voice is benefiting from his war on communication barriers. While Venus may face the same roadblocks that Mars encountered when he returned, thanks to the warrior planet of the cosmos old defences are now a lot weaker and easier to push through. With Venus here until October, you also have the luxury of time.

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