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03 October Gemini Daily Horoscope
Unless someone belongs to one of two signs ruled by Mercury, like you, they may not understand how 'into overdrive' your mind can go with inspired thoughts. Yes, Geminis have reputations for being easily distracted or pursuing one fantastic idea and then seeing another as better. But an influx of ideas likely to arrive could connect in a way that makes taking steps to make them real much easier.
While there are still more planets in retrograde than there are in direct motion and this is slowing things down enough so that this year doesn't get the speed wobbles, that won't always be the case. After Mercury's direct turn yesterday and with Pluto just six days away from turning direct, that trend is starting to change. With Mercury still at a standstill after his direct turn yesterday, make the most of a chance to pause, with the pace of life set to increase as we move into the final months of the year.
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