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27 May Gemini Daily Horoscope
One simple change to your priority list could free up time you might have struggled otherwise to find. You're likely aware that creating a 'time surplus' alleviates stress where a clear head is needed! However, any strain you feel now could be due to adhering too strictly to an 'old schedule.' So, don't convince yourself that it's up to you to invent a 25-hour day. Make one small, sensible tweak.
If it feels like you are walking into your new solar year in slow motion or with chains on your feet, it is less because of obstacles in your path and more because the stars are giving you time to explore your options. Three days away from the Moon's return to Gemini as a New Moon and just days after Mercury retrograded back out, this is buying you time that you don't usually have. Instead of hitting the ground running and making it up as you go, you have time to first survey the landscape ahead while drawing on the 20/20 hindsight Mercury has left you with.
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