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22 March Capricorn Daily Horoscope
Something may need to be done behind the scenes or away from prying eyes. So, that may mean distancing yourself from others. As is often the case, we arouse others' suspicions when we detach ourselves, and that might be something you deal with. But explaining your need could keep tension at bay. It might not guarantee it won't wait for you later, but “you time” may be a justifiable priority now.
A brief clash between the Moon, when it returns to your home and family sector as a New Moon and the dwarf planet Ceres, in her last full day in your career sector might create some work/life balance tension but with perfect timing. While Ceres will be using this to fill in the final pieces of her mission to better understand your professional needs and priorities and the momentum on the home front is too strong to be negatively impacted, in Mars' final days in your work sector this is a call to work smarter. Especially as Mars will be trying to pack as much into these final days as possible.

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