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27 May Capricorn Daily Horoscope
It's natural to be skeptical of what looks too good to be true, especially if faith or confidence were dented in the past. But unfounded suspicions can also be big culprits with unnecessary delays! You might sense something deserves to be treated carefully or suspiciously now. But consider the fact that it might be something the universe has designed specifically for you!
Before leaving your home and family sector today and just as Mars and Jupiter are moving into an alignment here, the Moon will align with Venus. Mars' return four days ago has already been a game changer but to also be just days away from alignment with Jupiter is all of a sudden blowing your options across the home, family and/or property fronts wide open. What an alignment between the Moon and Venus today does is bring your heart, intuition, instincts and imagination together, making it easier to hear what they are telling you.
What rune rules your life?
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