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22 March Cancer Daily Horoscope
We know what can happen to “best-laid plans.” You could experience that kind of frustration, but probably not due to anything that's your fault. Someone, in particular, could drop the proverbial ball with a promise or commitment. So, if a plan or schedule must be stuck to, make that clear from the outset. That's how you'll keep hassle or stress at bay - especially yours!
The Moon not only returns to your career sector during the Sun's first full day but as a New Moon. A New Moon can give things the green light and while it is creating a lot of motivation and momentum just as the solar spotlight has moved onto your career and professional situation, matters and options, this is something you have been preparing for since Jupiter returned last May. A second New Moon next month makes this more the first step to get things moving. Meanwhile, while the Sun and Moon have left an adventurous part of your chart there are planets that are staying on to keep a sense of wanderlust, curiosity and adventure alive.

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