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27 May Cancer Daily Horoscope
When we believe we know what's best for someone, it can be frustrating when they disagree with us or refuse to listen. We can be seen as too protective, authoritarian, or to stick a nose where it doesn't belong. You might have a good idea of what someone needs now. You've probably known this for some time, too. However, all you can do is highlight the benefits and leave the ball in their court.
Before leaving your career sector today the Moon will align with Venus, with their only encounter here this year coming with critical timing. Just two days before Venus is due to leave but with Mars and Jupiter heading into an alignment just two days after the warrior planet of the cosmos returned to fire things up, this is a chance to listen to what your heart and gut are telling you. The Moon's insight into the major sea change underway is also a last minute chance to raise the bar on your expectations for the rest of this professional year.
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