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06 June Taurus Daily Horoscope
Show me somebody who doesn't have at least one concern about their career right now, and I'll show you somebody who's likely kidding themselves. So, if you feel uncertainty surrounding your professional position or pursuits, then don't look so intently inward to determine what you're not doing. Something related to your career needs you to accept and roll with it, for now. Making an important move requires you to watch what's unfolding.
While today's Full Moon in your financial sector and its clash with the Sun in your income sector is something that happens at this time every year, everything about this is different. As a direct result of the lunar nodes' return to your two money houses last month this is a lunar eclipse, with deep roots on both sides of the financial fence. Just days after the Sun and Venus aligned in your income sector midweek, any strong emotional responses or financial tension this might create can be used as a catalyst for a breakthrough on both fronts.
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