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25 October Taurus Daily Horoscope
Should you or shouldn't you? Do you choose what's behind Curtain Number One or Curtain Number Two? Although you might not have to deal with the frustrating or annoying influence of a television studio audience shouting suggestions, your inner voice could constantly fluctuate between two options. But it all boils down to whether you're willing to take a particular risk. If you feel even a tiny bit more courageous, then there's your answer.
Having the Moon in your career sector over the weekend doesn't mean you need to keep your professional hat on and if anything, away from the working week you will find it easier to listen to your professional instincts and imagination. The Moon is making its last visit before the dwarf planet Ceres leaves and this couldn't be more important. Ceres is a little planet on a big mission, which is to update your professional needs and priorities ahead of lucky Jupiter's return in eight weeks' time. This is a chance for a deeper look at your needs and priorities in terms of professional satisfaction and a sense of purpose.
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