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20 April Scorpio Daily Horoscope
A particular decision doesn't need to be drawn out. Understandably, you could believe that something you see as far-reaching needs plenty of attention and fuss. But we've all been in situations where we push aside 'what ifs' and simply take a bold step in a specific direction. Doing so now isn't reckless. It could be exactly what's needed.
The Sun's return to your relationship sector today will always turn the solar spotlight onto your relationships at this time of year but not usually with this kind of a head start. After Venus' return last week and Mercury's return yesterday, the Sun returns to not only find the planets of love and communication already on board but moving towards an alignment later in the week. In addition, the eight weeks that Mars had already spent here has already left you with a better sense of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you, giving you an authentic starting point.
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