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28 October Scorpio Daily Horoscope
Although a fictitious character, Sherlock Holmes is famous for saying how, when we eliminate all other factors, what remains is the truth. But he also said, 'I never guess; it is a shocking habit and destructive to the logical faculty.' Perhaps, both statements mean the same thing. However, you're wise to refrain from applying guesswork now. Stick to good old-fashioned logic wherever possible!
Before leaving an adventurous part of your chart today the Moon will form a friendly aspect to dreamy Neptune in a playful part, something that happens every four weeks. This comes just before the Moon is set to shift focus entirely, turning its attention to supporting planets on the income and job fronts as it returns to your career sector. Yet while the Moon will shift its focus from the playful to the professional side of life's fence, planets on both sides are already making a balance between work and play a priority.
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