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08 August Scorpio Daily Horoscope
Looking toward the future helps to make clear what role you need somebody to play in your world. If you already know or are with this person, then the dynamic within a partnership could change significantly. But you could also become clear about what the word 'partnership' really means to you. Whether in a love or business sense, you could see the value in doubling up efforts in some way.
Today's cosmic conditions should pose a problem but instead they are the solutions to the work/life balance issues a Full Moon earlier in the week exposed. The Moon has spent the last few days in a playful part of your chart, energising the planets here and delivering a message that life can't be all work and no play. Venus' return to an adventurous part of your chart just a few hours later and this will allow you to start with that message in mind. This means that even though the Moon moves on to create positive conditions on the job and career fronts it is with that framework already in place.
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