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type. You will have opportunities, but may not be able to manage all of them on your own. You may need to learn to delegate tasks and responsibilities to others. Trust is the big issue. Cancer Find a way to inspire or motivate a friend or sibling to take charge of their own problems. You may be tempted to step in and fix things for them but that will not last. Long-term they need to be self-motivated to truly get over their problems. Leo A friend or companion is having a rough day right now. They may come to you looking for advice or support about their children, lifestyle or love life. There may be an interesting opportunity for the two of you to brainstorm a solution if you don't get mired in the details. Virgo You have some secrets that you have been keeping hidden since childhood. Today they can come out into the light in a positive way. You could have a happy memory during a "time out". Take a special break at lunch right now - treat yourself to something special. Libra If you have been holding out for just the right moment to speak out or spill the beans, right now could prove to be the day. Wait for the right moment. You will know it when you see it. Someone could make a point of asking about the very issue that is on your mind. Scorpio You will feel a lot more upbeat and positive about your career path after news you receive right now. You may hear of a possible job opening, a raise, bonus or stock options. You have a chance to do work that is more fun and challenging than before.

Extended Scorpio horoscope for today

Just in time for the weekend, today's playful lunar vibes bring a chance to lighten up. You will find it a lot easier to keep your work hat off or at least find a balance between work and play. This is a weekend where healing, whether of body, mind or soul needs to be paramount. There is nothing more healing and cathartic than taking the time to follow your heart, play and to make love and joy a priority.

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