Daily Horoscope


28 July Libra Daily Horoscope
Not only could an area of your world benefit from a bit more planning, but it could also benefit from a bit more faith. What it doesn't need is a complex contingency plan. Would you not create one of those if you felt confident that what you were doing would bring the desired result? The message from the universe surrounds boosting your confidence where you think your efforts may be in vain.
There is a push today to have your head in the game professionally and to be emotionally and intuitively engaged on the job front, to a point of tunnel vision if need be. With Mercury not only leaving your career sector today but wrapping up all planetary activity on the career front for the year and Jupiter leaving your work sector tomorrow, this is a day for making both count. However, it is having the Moon in your work sector that gives you an intuitive edge and a chance to unite a focus on job and career matters.
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