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02 April Libra Daily Horoscope
A fine line exists between trusting your intuition and jumping to conclusions. If there's one area where you might need to apply extra caution, it's convincing yourself that certain people don't say what they mean or mean what they say. If conversations were more 'above board' or transparent, then you wouldn't have to piece together others' messages. Try to take the lead with this.
The lunar nodes have been policing a balance between your home and professional lives since 2018 but it is the Moon who is charged with putting this to the test. The Moon will do this from the home side of the fence than then two weeks later from the professional side of the fence, repeating every two weeks for the last 18 months now. Today the push is coming from the professional side of the fence but there will be a lot less push back. This is partly because of the global conditions but mainly because there aren't as many planets pushing back.
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