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26 October Libra Daily Horoscope
'You can ignore it, but it won't go away.' These words are often said to us more frequently than we say them to ourselves. Once we get into Ignoring Mode, it can be difficult to remove ourselves from it. That's why you mustn't convince yourself that ignoring a particular matter will resolve it. Like a persistent child, it will likely keep tugging at your shirtsleeve. Tackle it now before it reaches that very unnecessary, annoying stage.
Whether in its final hours in a playful part of your chart or its early hours in your work sector, the Moon finds itself in the right place at the right time today. Before leaving a playful part of your chart the Moon will align with the dwarf planet Ceres and form a friendly aspect to the North Node on the adventurous front, providing a window into important developments ahead on both fronts. The next minute the Moon is part of an exciting coming together of planets on the income and job fronts. This makes a balance between work and play important.
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