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08 August Libra Daily Horoscope
It could be time to address what feels stifling or possibly claustrophobic. This could have involved a situation you felt resigned to some time ago, and circumstances dictated you had no choice other than to support or accept it. Slowly but surely, new possibilities are presenting themselves. If it's space or liberation you want, then you could be intrigued by what you're urged to consider.
When Mercury left your career sector and returned to your friendship sector three days ago this was the first planetary movement anywhere since June. As well as breaking the stagnant hold the solar system has been under this was a chance to end any work/life balance tension. Now, just three days later there is a second planetary shift creating even more movement. This time it is Venus' departure from an adventurous part of your chart and return to your career sector where she will exploit all that Mercury has been setting up for over the last two months.
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