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20 January Libra Daily Horoscope
Leading a horse to water but struggling to make it drink only frustrates us and annoys the horse. Like us, the horse has a better of its needs than we think we do. So, if you feel you've banged your head against a proverbial wall recently, trying to get someone on your side or see your point of view, then maybe your determination has more to do with your needs than theirs!
A day after the lunar nodes shifts into your two money houses, there is reason for confidence on both sides of the financial fence. While the South Node and its new pursuit of untapped income potential has planets on the job front acting as support, the Sun is spending its final hours in your home and family sector at a friendly aspect to the North Node in your financial sector. This is just the first sign of growing support between forces on the home and financial fronts over the coming weeks, with positive implications on both fronts.
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