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18 January Libra Daily Horoscope
Something pleasing awaits by reaching out to someone. Perhaps, they were removed from your world, and you resigned yourself to giving them a smile if you passed them in the street in the future. Maybe you thought hearing about them via conversations with others would be your only future connection. But reopening communication lines could be something you'll be glad to have done.
As the Moon wraps up its first visit to your career sector and the first Full Moon here since 2020, this was always going to be something that would take several weeks to fully play out. With so much set to evolve on the income and job fronts in that time, it is even more important to take a hands off approach, responding to anything this might trigger but without forcing anything. In the meantime, the Moon moves on, kicking off an auspicious few days across the communication, friendship and relationship fronts.
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