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06 June Libra Daily Horoscope
There's much truth in the saying about finding true love when we least expect it. It's often when we go about our usual, run of the mill business that we experience a wonderful encounter. The same can be said about brainwaves or epiphanies. Often, when we're resigned to a solution taking an age to arrive, it can come suddenly and unexpectedly. Prepare for such an experience.
It is as if everything that has transpired this week has led to this moment, when an eclipsing Full Moon creates the potential for a communication breakthrough. The Full Moon that falls here at this time every year will always provide the thrust needed to clear communication barriers and to give emotional responses a voice. As a lunar eclipse, this has a lot more power behind it, with the Moon's friendly aspect to the same planets in your relationship sector it clashed with earlier in the week turning everything around.
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