Daily Horoscope


22 September Libra Daily Horoscope
Your ability to remain calm, cool, and collected while those around you lose their heads could come in handy now. You could be appreciated for the grounding you bring to a volatile situation. But sometimes, a person seen as a rock by others is also seen to offer the perfect shoulder to lean or cry on. So, be prepared to play an integral role in whatever you involve yourself with or commit to now.
With Venus already been and gone from Libra and Mercury and Mars already exploring new options, it might feel like your birthday month and new solar year have already begun in all but name. Yet until the Sun returns to Libra tomorrow this old solar year has yet to fully play out and in its final hours there is a chance for one last look back over your shoulder. The last full day of a solar year that began 12 months ago is a chance to look back with gratitude, for no matter what the journey this has taken you on you have gained and grown from the experience, with a chance for a fresh start from tomorrow.
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