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05 December Libra Daily Horoscope
Once again, there may be something you 'feel in your waters.' A hunch could be too strong to ignore. But you may question whether you genuinely want to pay close attention to this lest you discover something you'd prefer not to. You owe it to yourself to heed what your heart tells you is an accurate assessment of vague or volatile circumstances. Don't fear what a little bit of digging behind-the-scenes might bring.
The Moon not only returns to your friendship sector today but just as there is an alignment between Mercury on the communication and Chiron on the relationship front. It is the Moon's friendly aspect to both that is an introduction to what will continue to develop over the coming days, with growing support for communication, friendship and relationship building. The Moon is making its last visit to your friendship sector for the year and returns in time to make the coming weekend count.
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