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20 April Leo Daily Horoscope
Removing a source of discomfort from your world could be less uncomfortable than you think. If it's a person causing a problem, then one conversation could confirm that the issue is seen mutually. If particular circumstances are a bone of contention, then you could discover you have an option available to improve them swiftly. Either way, a problem is about to become short-lived.
The Sun's departure from an adventurous part of your chart and return to your career sector is something that happens at this time every year but this is always more a shifting of the weight from one to the other. Even though Venus made that same shift last week and Mercury yesterday, this won't leave an adventurous part of your chart empty and your career sector wasn't empty before they returned. With ongoing planetary activity on both fronts all year it is more that the focus is shifting more to the professional side of life's fence.
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