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03 June Leo Daily Horoscope
'If I ruled the world.' Many songs contain those lyrics. But would anybody want to be the supreme leader of this planet? Even with a team of advisors, the job would be 24/7. But consider how and why you want more control. Is it necessary? Is it possible that you might not have the control you want but feel that being involved more with something would make you feel like you did? Try to dial back what could be an overly intense desire to control now.
The Moon wraps up an important monthly visit to your communication sector, especially for your relationships. This was the Moon's first visit since Saturn turned retrograde in your relationship sector and due to retrograde back out at the start of next month, this has been a chance to give your relationships, the past and unsaid words a voice. Yet at the same time, this has been a chance to look to the future while making it easier to make the most of what is a good day for personal and professional networking.
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