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26 January Leo Daily Horoscope
A surprising number of people refuse to believe the world is round. They don't accept the extensive evidence supporting a different view. You're armed with enough facts to offer a watertight case to somebody who needs enlightening. But be aware of how strongly they may cling to a seemingly ludicrous notion. Be prepared to provide facts slowly and sensitively.
When the Moon returns to a nostalgic and reflective part of your chart every four weeks it is a chance to catch your breath and make time to hear yourself think. This has been easier said than done with the Moon facing considerable push back, not over recent weeks but over the last three years, making this something that you have had to fight for. The Moon's first visit for the year is a chance to check whether anything has changed and fortunately, it has. This is one of the many signs that you are not in 2020 anymore.
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