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12 August Leo Daily Horoscope
As a Leo, you have a unique brand of built-in generosity that constantly assesses others' needs. If you can be supportive, then you will. But we all experience from time to time an unpleasant level of selfishness from others when we put our needs first. Suddenly, we're seen as unhelpful. In whatever way you make your needs a priority now, trust that you're right to do so. Somebody appears to have no reason to whine about the levels of support and generosity they've received from you recently.
While a friendly aspect between the Moon in your career and all three planets in your work sector happens every four weeks and is therefore an ordinary event, the timing makers this auspicious. At the same time that the Moon is fuelling your professional instincts and imagination this can also give you an intuitive read on work and job matters well helping to give your job confidence a boost. The difference this time is that your job confidence may have taken a hit over recent weeks but also because new income opportunities are opening up next week.
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