Daily Horoscope


08 March Gemini Daily Horoscope
Once again, your curious and analytical mind could come up with an impressive surge of ideas. Understandably, you could look at how much effort will be needed on your part to turn these into something more. That's why sharing them and getting somebody else on board could be a wise step. Collaboration could be what's needed to prevent procrastination.
The asteroid Pallas Athena's return to your career sector today is an example of a small event having potentially game changing implications. Pallas is the goddess of wisdom and helps us to become wiser because of our experiences but why this first visit in four years matters is both the timing and duration of her stay. Normally here for just three months, a retrograde phase will keep Pallas here until February 2022, acting as a witness and helping you to gain wisdom as the most significant events on the career front in over a decade play out under her watch.
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