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14 June Gemini Daily Horoscope
Planning is helpful at this time; overplanning is not. If you've created a tangible way to get from A to B with an idea or a project, then set off on your journey. But also allow room for flexibility and spontaneity. You're likely to have to make up as you go along some aspects of what you're pursuing. That could be tricky if you focus too intently on something unfolding or progressing precisely.
As you move into the final seven days of your birthday month the intensity from a series of eclipses is behind you and while the lines between the past, present and future continue to overlap they are becoming more distinct. As you move into the final week of your birthday month the Sun is looking to the future while still in retrograde motion, Mercury is looking to the past. It was just three days ago that the Sun and Mercury were aligned but as they separate, both the past and the future are coming into clearer focus.
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