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28 October Capricorn Daily Horoscope
A creative solution needs an imaginative approach. But 'imaginative' means 'thinking outside of the box,' daring to be different, breaking a routine, or seeing the back of a comfort zone. Yet, an inspired step offers more advantages than risks. Take it, and you could find you shine a spotlight on skills or talents you possess that others need to be aware of, too.
Before leaving your relationship sector today, the Moon will spend its final hours at a friendly aspect to Neptune, in retrograde motion in your communication sector, something that it does every four weeks. With no planetary activity in your relationship sector, this is always a chance to become more emotionally engaged but also to draw on Neptune's support when it comes to having the communication lines open. With Neptune already slowing down ahead of a direct turn there is a chance to take advantage of the support now for giving the past and unsaid words a voice.
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