Cancer Daily Horoscope

The hot buttons fly around fast and furious right now and it may be simply irresistible to avoid pushing one or two. Avoid any "Oh YEAH? Well YOU ..." moments. You know what that looks like - throwing back a partner or loved one's own failures in their face is not a prudent or effective way to defend your honour.

Extended Cancer horoscope for today

The universe will always work to keep things balanced. Day is balanced by night, summer by winter and challenging times by the good times. What you don't normally expect is such a rapid swinging of the pendulum. It was only yesterday that the Sun left Cancer, wrapping up your birthday month but in the process opening the release valve that has allowed pent up pressure to escape. Just a day later the whole energy has shifted. In particular, there is a new sense of excitement across the income, work and career fronts.

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