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08 August Cancer Daily Horoscope
I've never seen it myself, but I'm aware of how crabs are capable of shuffling sideways. It may feel as if you take a sideways step in an area of your world now but try not to see that as an unhelpful distraction or diversion. You're right to succumb to an urge to try something new. It's by leaving an aspect of your past behind that you can step forward confidently and proudly now.
Nearly three weeks after the Sun left Cancer, bringing your birthday month to a close and three days after Mercury left, having spent over two months with your head in the game and around your options, Venus finally returns today. This is the latest in the year that Venus has returned to Cancer since 2012 and as late as it is physically possible. Finally, your heart has a chance to find its voice and while she has returned to update all your desires and expectations she is taking special note of the romantic and relationship conditions ahead.
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