Your Astro Digest for May

Hi there! Check what predictions you've missed in April and which ones are to come!

By Eugenia Stern

Published: May 05, 2023

Hello there!

It’s been a while since we saw each other last! It’s been a pretty busy period for Everyday Horoscopes, but now Eugenia Stern and the team and back! Have you been missing us? Let’s check which predictions you may have missed in April and which ones are coming soon!

So, let’s start with April readings.

  • You must have heard it many times that Tarot can be a powerful tool if you know how to use it wisely. We’re here to give you some insight and share with you a few tips on how to make Tarot cards help you find the love of your life or get rid of the love problems you’re facing. Explore the power of Tarot and check our freshest app – you won't have to buy a Tarot deck, just make a few clicks to get help!
  • On April 21st, we’ve entered a sad period of Mercury Retrograde which will only come to its end on May 14th. How to survive during the days? Is the time as scary and discouraging and many of us think? Are there any ways to resist the hardships of Mercury going retrograde? Click here to have all of these questions answered!

  • Is it true that some zodiac sings are more likely to cheat than others? Are you ready to learn if your partner could be unfaithful? Which zodiac signs are better to stay away from and which signs can you totally rely on? Click here and learn which sign you should never trust!
May horoscope digest
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Well, that’s all for April. What’s coming in May? See below!

  • May is (in most cases) the warmest month of Spring. Our hearts and bodies melt just as snow does and we start thinking about love relationships, passion, romance, and finding the one. Is it so hard to find your TRUE soul twin as you think? What if your real soulmate were very close to you right now? Click here and find out who your real soul twin is!
  • Which Tarot cards bring you luck and which ones are able to destroy everything? Are the Devil and the Death really the worst cards to see in a spread? Does getting the Lovers card mean you’ll find your true love soon? We have answers to these questions – find them here.

  • Do you have an ex (or two) you keep thinking about? Have you ever thought of what may happen if you meet again? Or not just meet but decide to get together again? Start with checking your zodiac signs first and see if you still may try to let the magic happen!
  • Are you sure your partner is your true soulmate? What are the signs of finding the person who suits you and is destined to be the one? What can you do if you find out that your significant other isn’t your soulmate? Should you keep looking for the one or should you keep the love you have now? Click here and see the answers to all of these questions!

Guys, that’s all about special readings for now. Do you need more? That’s easy! See your daily, weekly horoscopes, love horoscopes, and check your compatibility here. If you need readings that are tailored to your needs and your personality, click here. To subscribe to your SMS horoscopes, just click here and make sure you get daily readings directly to your mobile device! If you’re active on Social Media, don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, see the page of our Tarot reader, our Spanish page, and watch us on YouTube. The whole EverydayHoroscopes team wishes you a very happy May! Stay safe.

Always yours,

Eugenia Stern

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