The Tarot in May

The Tarot and How It Affects Your Life in May

May 2020 may become a turning point for many. Let’s find out what the Tarot tells us about this month!


The Star Card: What it means


This month’s Tarot card is much different from the previous cards: the Devil and the Tower. In fact, it’s one of the most positive and reassuring cards of the Tarot deck – it brings hope, luck, and light. It shines in the dark, scary universe and shows you your path.



A star is a source of energy and light. We see them at night and they calm us down. They tell us that there’s always hope. Those who know how to spot some certain stars can use them for navigation – this makes stars a very powerful symbol.


The Star Card’s Interpretation




In most Tarot decks, this card depicts a woman kneeling near a stream or a river. She holds two jags – one in her right hand (the conscious) and one in her left hand (the subconscious). She appears to be pouring water back into the river and feeding the earth. This symbolizes the cycle of giving and receiving, the endless cycle of fertility.


The woman has her foot in the stream – this indicates the powerful connection with her emotions and sixth sense. She knows how to use her intuition and make the most of it. Her other foot is on the ground, representing common sense. Some Tarot decks also depict birds and trees in the background, signifying the thought that freely flies.


The card also depicts 8 stars: the major one with eight points and seven small stars. The stars represent the number 8 that numerologically refers to balance and clarity.


Pouring water in the river can be interpreted as confidence in the future. It indicates that if we do what we need to do now, we will receive the fruits of our efforts soon.


The Card’s Message




The Star indicates the return of optimism and tons of possibilities. It means that you can finally find your own path, your place. You are now more aligned with your mission of life. This powerful card announces a period of peace, balance, and understanding. It tells you to open up to opportunities and ideas no matter how wild they seem to be. The star guides you through life.


The card indicates that it’s finally time to stop being afraid. Your goals are closer than ever and the card will show you the way. It shows that success is not just a possibility – it’s a certainty. The woman depicted on the card pours water in the stream and gets rid of her repressed emotions: sadness, anxiety, fear, anger. The card will help you fight off disappointment and despair that follow you wherever you go. Lift your head and let the new energy and feelings enter your life.







The woman is linked to the goddess of love of the Babylonians, Astarte, who is closely related to Aphrodite and Venus. When it comes to love, this is a positive card that promises lots of opportunities in this sphere. It might mean the return of an old love interest that you don’t even remember. Expect some truly magical moments that will leave a fantastic taste.




The card encourages you to enjoy what nature has to offer you, so stick to the vegetarian diet. Eat more fruit and drink more water: let nature fill you with energy. It may not be possible for many of us to hit the gym or jog this month, so check out some yoga routines that you can do at home. Yoga can have a reassuring effect on your mind and body – this is exactly what you need!

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