What Kind of Therapy Each Zodiac Sign Needs

Just like our signs can tell us about our personality, they can also show us the best kind of therapy to make us feel better and grow. Whether through the rugged mountains of adventure therapy or the serene waters of mindfulness, there's a therapeutic journey for every member of the Zodiac. Let's dive in and find out what kind of therapy the stars suggest for you!

By Diana Bernik

Published: Mar 05, 2024



For the fiery Aries, the ideal therapy is the one that channels their dynamic zest for life into constructive pathways. Adventure therapy could be just the ticket, offering Aries an outlet for their adrenaline and an opportunity to confront challenges head-on in the great outdoors. Scaling mountains and navigating rivers mirrors their life approach, turning obstacles into triumphs.

Yet, Aries also benefits from mindfulness and meditation practices to temper their impulsive tendencies. This form of therapy encourages patience and reflection, qualities that the Ram often overlooks in its rush. Through guided visualization and breathing exercises, Aries can learn to harness their power, directing it with intention rather than impulse.

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Taurus craves stability and comfort. For them, sensory-based therapy that engages the five senses can be profoundly grounding. Whether through aromatherapy, therapeutic touch, or even culinary arts, Taurus finds peace in the tangible elements of the world. This type of therapy reinforces their connection to nature and the material realm, providing a comforting anchor to their sometimes stubbornly planted feet.

On another note, Taurus might also find solace in art therapy, where the act of creation offers a soothing balm for their souls. Through painting, sculpting, or crafting, Taureans can express their deep-seated emotions and desires without the need for words.


Group therapy

For Gemini, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a perfect match. This approach helps Geminis untangle the web of thoughts and feelings that often leads them into a state of duality. By challenging cognitive distortions and exploring different perspectives, CBT can provide the mental stimulation that Geminis crave while promoting emotional clarity.

Additionally, Gemini would thrive in group therapy settings where they can engage in lively discussions and share their thoughts and experiences. This social interaction not only feeds their need for communication but also helps them to see their own reflections in the stories of others, fostering a sense of connection and understanding that the twins often seek.

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For Cancer, psychoanalytic therapy offers a deep dive into the emotional waters, exploring the undercurrents of their psyche. This introspective journey can help Cancers understand their emotional patterns and the roots of their sometimes overwhelming feelings, providing a pathway to healing and self-awareness.

Expressive arts therapy also provides Cancer with a safe outlet for their emotions. Through painting, writing, or music, Cancers can navigate their inner landscape, expressing what cannot be said in words. This form of therapy validates their deep feelings and encourages emotional release in a supportive, creative environment, allowing the crab to emerge from its shell fully empowered.


Drama therapy

Drama therapy could be an exhilarating way for Leos to explore different facets of their personality, using role-play and storytelling to gain insights into their life narratives. This form of therapy allows Leos to tread the boards of self-discovery, turning their life challenges into epic tales of triumph and growth.

However, Leos also need to nurture their generous hearts without burning out. Compassion-focused therapy (CFT) helps Leos balance their desire for recognition with the need for self-compassion. By developing a kinder, more forgiving relationship with themselves, Leos can learn that their worth isn't solely based on the applause of others but also on the love they give to themselves.


Cognitive therapy focuses on the practical aspects of problem-solving, helping Virgo to break down overwhelming tasks into manageable steps. This approach appeals to their logical nature, offering strategies to challenge perfectionism and reduce anxiety about imperfection.

Virgos would also benefit from mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), which teaches the art of being present and accepting things as they are. This practice can help soften their self-critical tendencies, encouraging them to appreciate the moment without over-analyzing or striving for unattainable perfection. MBSR offers Virgos a path to inner peace, allowing them to harmonize their mind and body in a gentle, accepting way.

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Art therapy

Interpersonal therapy (IPT) is particularly effective for Libras, focusing on improving relationships and enhancing communication skills. This form of therapy addresses Libra's deep need for connection, helping them navigate the complexities of relationships while maintaining their sense of self and harmony.

Furthermore, Libras might find art therapy to be a peaceful retreat, allowing them to express their quest for beauty and balance through creative means. Whether it's painting, sculpting, or designing, art therapy provides a medium for Libras to explore their aesthetic sensibilities and emotional balance, creating harmony both within and on the canvas.


Depth psychology, with its focus on the unconscious and exploration of inner truths, suits Scorpio's need to probe beneath the surface. This therapy encourages Scorpios to confront their shadows, offering a transformative journey toward self-understanding and empowerment.

Mind-body practices, such as yoga or tai chi, also offer Scorpio a powerful tool for integrating their physical and emotional energies. These practices help Scorpios channel their intensity into self-healing, providing a physical outlet for their deep emotional currents. Through breath and movement, Scorpios can achieve a state of balance, harnessing their power for inner harmony.


Adventure therapy

Existential therapy resonates with Sagittarius' philosophical nature, exploring themes of freedom, responsibility, and the search for meaning. This approach encourages Sagittarians to navigate life's journey with purpose and to embrace the quest for understanding as a fundamental part of their identity.

Adventure therapy is also a perfect match for Sagittarius, offering opportunities for physical exploration and personal growth. Whether hiking, traveling, or engaging in outdoor challenges, adventure therapy feeds Sagittarius' need for new experiences and perspectives. It's a way for them to learn about themselves and the world in the most direct way possible—through experience.

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Solution-focused therapy offers Capricorns a pragmatic approach that aligns with their goal-oriented nature. This therapy concentrates on finding solutions rather than dwelling on problems, helping Capricorns harness their strengths to overcome obstacles and achieve their ambitions.

Mindfulness meditation provides a necessary counterbalance for Capricorns, helping them to slow down and connect with the present moment. This practice can alleviate the pressure of their ambitions, reminding them to appreciate the journey as much as the destination. Through mindfulness, Capricorns can find peace in the now, easing the burden of their constant striving.


Art therapy

Group therapy aligns with Aquarius' communal spirit, offering a space for collective healing and growth. Here, Aquarians can share their ideals and learn from others, fostering a sense of belonging and mutual support. This collaborative environment encourages them to explore new ideas and perspectives, strengthening their commitment to making the world a better place.

Art therapy can also be a valuable tool for Aquarius, providing a creative outlet for their revolutionary ideas. Through artistic expression, Aquarians can explore their visions for the future, translating abstract concepts into tangible forms. This process not only nurtures their innovative spirit but also helps them communicate their unique perspective to others, bridging the gap between dream and reality.


Transpersonal therapy, which integrates spiritual aspects of the human experience, speaks to Pisces' soulful nature. This therapy explores the connection between the personal and the universal, helping Pisces navigate their spiritual journey and find meaning in the interconnectedness of all things.

For Pisces, music therapy offers a profound medium for emotional expression and healing. The fluidity of music resonates with Pisces' watery essence, allowing them to navigate their deep emotional currents through sound. This form of therapy can help Pisces express their often inexpressible feelings, providing a cathartic release and a deeper connection to the cosmic symphony of life.

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