The Tarot in April

This month’s card looks scary… Learn what exactly it means!

April 2020 is indeed connected with one of the scariest Tarot cards. Let’s find out what it means and what it promises us!



The Tower Card: What is it about?



This month’s card indicates a radical change. It tells you that a period (it may be a good or bad one) is about to end. Something that is happening now will end. The card teaches you to value what you have because it may end soon. It is about to shake you in all areas of your life. Be careful and do not challenge destiny.


The card symbolizes that this month, achieving your goals will be more difficult than ever because of various obstacles appearing in your path. The card also urges you to rethink your plans and ideas to succeed. Ask yourself these questions: is this what you want to achieve? Or there are more important priorities?


The Tower Card’s Interpretation


This card depicts a tall tower is getting struck by lightning. Due to the impact, two people fall to the ground together with some stones and debris. The picture can be ambiguous in some Tarot decks: it may be impossible to understand if the lightning comes from outside or inside the building. The lightning may indicate a change that comes from the outside or a change that has arisen from within you. This change urges you to start viewing the world in a completely different way.




This card may also indicate that we all are going through a critical period. Don’t panic, though: no matter how bad it becomes, there’s always calm after the storm!


Some changes may happen at work but in this case, changes can be positive. You may even get a promotion! When it comes to health, be especially careful, because something bad is likely to happen in this sphere. Expect some accidents and be cautious!


This is not the right time to invest money. Make sure to learn how to save money and don’t spend them unless you absolutely have to.



In love, it’s very likely that your relationship will come to an end. If you want to avoid this, be patient with your significant other, learn to listen to them and accept their opinions that may be radically different from yours. Look for compromises.






Unfortunately, the Tower Card does not bring good news in the love sphere. Instead, it gives you a warning that if you don’t change the way you see your relationship, it will end very soon. Be very attentive to your significant other’s thoughts and views, find out what exactly adds value to your relationship, and understand that it’s important to let some things go. If you’re single, make sure to change some beliefs of yours in order to find love in April.






When it comes to the financial sphere of your life, the card tells you that the world is constantly changing and this April, changes may be more drastic than ever, so you need to put up with it by updating some of your old-fashioned beliefs and views. You may have some financial issues this month, and this may reflect on your work. You may also experience a sudden change in your career path.

The card indicates that it’s time to restructure your plans, update your views, accept changes, and learn to see possibilities.


The Card’s Message




Stop being scared of changes – sometimes they’re necessary. Learn to be at peace with your past because it’s made you who you are. Learn to talk about all the things you went through. Appreciate everything that has shaped you as a person.



What to do


  • Don’t be afraid of changes
  • Be patient
  • Look for compromises
  • Update your views
  • Save money
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