There is one important thing for you to remember: there is no zodiac sign all the cheaters belong to. But are there any special signals letting you know you’re being cheated on? Are they different for every astrological sign? Read our special horoscope and remember that forewarned is forearmed!

It’s not typical of Libra people to cheat on their partners as they’re usually very balanced personalities who take their commitments seriously. But, on the other hand, they like to flirt and don’t take it seriously, sometimes forgetting that other people can see it differently. What to do if flirting goes too far?

You have to become not only a lover but a true friend to your Libra partner, too. He or she should see that you’re ready to support, help and do your best to have fun together. If you want your union to be happy, faithful and long-lasting follow these simple rules and never be indifferent to your significant other!

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