Considering its proximity to Earth, the Moon has a greater influence on people than other celestial bodies. When it comes to the emotional sphere, the lunar effect is especially strong. The Moon enters a different sign every two and a quarter days endowing its representatives with resourcefulness and boosting their self-confidence.

Being influenced by the Moon in their sign, passionate Scorpio people become more mysterious which is extremely alluring. They become irresistible for the opposite sex. They don’t have to do anything special to win the heart of a person they are secretly in love with.

If in a relationship, Scorpio people become more adventurous in bed – they are likely to come up with an idea that will definitely boost their partner’s sex drive and make their sex sexier. Those days are also perfect for having a romantic dinner date when the two of you can indulge in a romantic dessert and find a new romantic way to say “I love you.”

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