Considering its proximity to Earth, the Moon has a greater influence on people than other celestial bodies. When it comes to the emotional sphere, the lunar effect is especially strong. The Moon enters a different sign every two and a quarter days endowing its representatives with resourcefulness and boosting their self-confidence.

The Moon makes Cancerians true homebodies willing to curl up in their cozy bed with a cup of hot cocoa. Let the world wait a bit till they restore their equanimity and accumulate enough energy for new beginnings. To successfully detach yourself from the world for at least a couple of hours, turn off all your gadgets and read a book.

Besides, on those days, you generally feel an urge to express your love to your family. In fact, there are a lot of ways to do this – flick through your cookbook and prepare a gorgeous dinner, help your kid repair a bicycle, or sew a cute teddy bear for your daughter or niece.

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