Did you know that your Zodiac sign can help you choose the most effective diet and speed up the process of fitting into those pants that have always been too tight but are too cool to throw away? Find out which eating plan will help you reach your desired weight and remember to consult your physician to see if it is safe for you!

This might be a surprise for you, Libra, but you are not a balanced sign. You know how to restore balance in your environment, but when it comes to your own mind and body… Well, luckily there is a diet that can do that for you, and it is called The Zone.

Dieting according to the Zone relies on restoring a proper balance of the intake of carbs, proteins, and fats (40%/30%/30%) and this is definitely something you can cope with. Only remember to ask your physician whether this balance is suitable for your health state before you start measuring your protein, carbs, and fat.

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