People tend to react to compliments in different ways: some of them feel ill at ease and are confused by warm words; others are pleased to accept them and start shining with happiness when they hear they're smart or irresistible. How will your partner respond to your compliment? Choose the sign to find it out!

The reaction of a Sagittarius person to your compliment may seem a bit weird and even disrespectful as they will probably start to laugh and make jokes after receiving it without any obvious reason. Don’t worry – it doesn’t mean they dislike you or your kind words. It’s just that they treat almost all things with humor.

In fact, they love being complimented and use it as a chance to dazzle you with their wit, beauty, and other outstanding qualities. It may even happen that your sincere compliment will lead to an incredible Sagittarius performance. Just learn to react to their way of accepting the compliment in the right way.

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