Working in harmony with your boss is essential. If there’s no balance between you and them, waking up and heading to your office feels like torture. Fortunately, your boss’s sign can tell you a lot about their strengths, characteristics, and weaknesses.

Taurean bosses are the most patient bosses in the world. They seem to be nice, shaggy bears who are a bit stubborn but always kind and forgiving. But treating them like that may cause a lot of trouble because their patience (though enormous) is not endless. They’re always watching you. Don’t try their patience too far.

They don’t mind if you’re a bit slow in catching on to their method and they don’t expect miracles to happen overnight but again: make sure not to be TOO slow. At the same time, they don’t like to accept new ideas immediately, especially if they seem too progressive and radical. Be patient, and every good idea will be paid by them. Gain insight into how your life and career will evolve here 💪

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