Working in harmony with your boss is essential. If there’s no balance between you and them, waking up and heading to your office feels like torture. Fortunately, your boss’s sign can tell you a lot about their strengths, characteristics, and weaknesses.

If your boss is a Piscean, you should forget about logic. Their style is more about feeling and using their sixth sense than thinking rationally. To win their trust and respect, try helping them keep on schedule and be organized. They’re dreamers, and they need someone who is in touch with reality.

Piscean bosses are extremely understanding and sympathetic, so if you need some time off work they’ll support you. But don’t feed them with too many sob stories because their sympathy and patience are not endless. Even though they seem to be kind and soft, they’re still your boss – you need to remember that. Gain insight into how your life and career will evolve here 💪

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