Working in harmony with your boss is essential. If there’s no balance between you and them, waking up and heading to your office feels like torture. Fortunately, your boss’s sign can tell you a lot about their strengths, characteristics, and weaknesses.

Libra bosses are incredibly charming but their inability to make a decision can drive even the most patient employee crazy. If you tell them that there are five ways to do something, they’ll discuss every single one of them in great detail and then stick to the first one. And then maybe change their mind.

A good team spirit is very important to any Libra boss, so they will do their best to make your surroundings chic, comfortable, and often minimalist. If you want to win their trust, try taking part in all team building events. Bring some treats for your team, smile, look confident and professional. Gain insight into how your life and career will evolve here 💪

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