Aries Daily Horoscope

You will get some unusual phone calls, letters or paperwork to deal with right now. If you travel soon, consider a trip to a spa or to some kind of wellness retreat. You have decided that you strongly need renewal of both body and spirit right now.

Extended Aries horoscope for today

The Moon finds itself in opposition to some of the most powerful forces in the solar system today and as a result, this might create some work/life balance tension. For as the Moon puts the focus on home and family matters, there is opposition from some excited forces on the career front that are trying to keep your professional hat on. In a year when a balance between your home and professional lives is constantly being policed, the only difference this time is that both sides are more adamant. In reality, there is a lot to be excited about on both fronts, with getting the right work/life balance important.

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