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12 July Aries Daily Horoscope
There's an old saying goes 'if you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.' We know it means to remove ourselves from a situation or an arrangement if we're not able to cope with all it involves. That saying holds some relevance now if you feel it's necessary to speak your mind to a particular person. If what you say is truthful and helpful, then fine. But you may need to accept one or two home truths conveyed your direction in return.
On the same day that Mars completes his first two weeks in Aries, the Moon is not only here but they align today. This will give you your first read on his passions, drive, warrior and competitive spirit and where this is already starting to draw you. This will also highlight a lack of urgency, always present no matter when during Mars' six week visit it returns. However, this is the first of many times that the Moon and Mars will meet up here over the next six months, giving you your first read on his longest visit in 32 years and how game changing this is.
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