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18 January Aquarius Daily Horoscope
Knowing exactly what you're committing to is essential now. 'Committing' can mean a variety of things. But you could focus on the real and justified 'plus' points attached to a move and disregard those that, well, might bring you to Earth with a bit of a bump. So, try to resist agreeing or signing on a line believing that you'll sort out any problems later should they arise. It might not be that simple.
At the same time that the Moon is not only wrapping up its first visit to your work sector for the year but the first Full Moon here since 2020, the South Node is just a day away from its return to your career sector. As it will take weeks for the impact from the Full Moon to play out and this has already energised both planets in your income sector, this has triggered something that will continue to play out and evolve. This takes away from the pressure of having to chase things down.
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